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My name is Julia and I am a newborn and baby photographer in Austin, Texas. I have been photographing Austin babies for two years with my business weathershenker photography. Naturally, with this blog, I plan to showcase some of my newborn photographs and the images from other photography sessions. In addition to that, I would like to create a resource for new moms and dads and family and friends of new moms and dads. Since there are so many new things to learn as a new parent, it would be fun to share what’s available here in Austin and its surrounding areas. I am actually not a parent myself, so I especially value the information and feedback from those who are.

There are many ways to send me your thoughts. You can post a comment on the blog for everyone to see. Please be thoughtful and kind in your commenting! You can also send me a message through the contact page listed above. Additionally, I am on a number of social media sites such as facebook and twitter. I would love to connect with you here and there.

Also… Happy Earth Day! I thought today would be a perfect birth day for my blog. Our planet gives us so much, it makes sense for us to spend a day focusing on what we can do to keep it clean and healthy. I wanted to share one way that I try to keep my business environmentally friendly. I do my business banking with a local Austin credit union, and made a commitment to myself to always walk or ride my bike to the credit union’s branch. If my schedule does not allow me the time to do that, then my banking waits until I do have the time. It is one small thing, but it is one step closer to a healthier me and a cleaner Earth.

Welcome to my new blog. I am so glad you are here!

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