Monthly Archives: June 2011

Frank | Tribute to Fathers

Austin infant in a drawer photograph

Frank and his father are today’s guests for the Tribute to Fathers series on posts about fathers and their children. This photograph is another one that connects a brand new baby with his or her father. This antique dresser has been in the family for at least as far back as Frank’s great (great?) grandmother. […]

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Amelia | Tribute to Fathers

Photograph of family in an Austin field

  “Goodnight, Daddy, see you in the morning,” Amelia will often tell me as she pecks each one of my cheeks with her tender and slightly wet kisses. It doesn’t matter whether it’s two in the afternoon and I’m running to the store to get groceries or whether she’s going down to sleep, this sing-song […]

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Leah | Tribute to Fathers

It already feels like Father’s Day was weeks ago, but it still hasn’t even been a week yet. The Tribute to Fathers series continues today with a message from the father of Leah, who was previously featured here with her cake smash images. In this photo, she’s showing us how her favorite airplane toy works. […]

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Julia | Tribute to Fathers

Yesterday was my birthday! I filled it with new memories and lived for the present. It was also a day away from the series of blog articles about fathers, but the appreciation for fathers was not far from my mind. My own father is in town right now. For my birthday, we sat on the […]

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Maryn | Tribute to Fathers

How was your Father’s Day? Knowing that many of you miss your own fathers, I was especially grateful for the opportunity to have my own father in town and be able to go out to lunch with him. I hope Father’s Day was a memorable one for you. My own effort in honoring the importance […]

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