Leah | Tribute to Fathers

It already feels like Father’s Day was weeks ago, but it still hasn’t even been a week yet. The Tribute to Fathers series continues today with a message from the father of Leah, who was previously featured here with her cake smash images. In this photo, she’s showing us how her favorite airplane toy works. (I think Leah gets her love of airplanes from him!)


Austin baby with airplane toy photograph


Being a father creates some of the most incredible experiences.  Some of my most memorable have included her first laugh while reading Watch Me Throw the Ball by Mo Willems, screaming “HI DAD!” into the phone when I called, taking her first steps the day before I left on a 2 week business trip to Taiwan, and the day she picked up her wooden airplane and “flew” it through the air making a “bzzzz” noise.  People always told me how fast they grow up, but until you experience it for yourself, you don’t truly understand how quickly they evolve.  I am looking forward to enjoying growing up with my little girl!

– Leah’s father

Julia | Tribute to Fathers

Yesterday was my birthday! I filled it with new memories and lived for the present. It was also a day away from the series of blog articles about fathers, but the appreciation for fathers was not far from my mind. My own father is in town right now. For my birthday, we sat on the deck of a restaurant watching athletes swim and run by us, and then we had dinner with my husband. It sure made a weekday birthday fun!

This post is going to be a little different, because it’s not about a baby or child I’ve photographed, or even a photograph I’ve created. Instead, it’s an image a few times removed from the original print, and a little damaged, but it’s one with me and my own father! I love this picture because it reminds me so much of my childhood…. the homemade birthday cake, the house I grew up in, and being surrounded by family. It is likely obvious, but in this photo my dad is probably jokingly about to blow out my candles for me. If he wasn’t, he was such a jokester at times, I may have been putting my hands up as a preventive measure! My dad was certainly an influence on my current sense of humor.


Blowing out the candles


One of my favorite childhood memories involving my father was when he taught me how to ride my bike on my own with no training wheels. He took the wheels off, and held the seat while I pedaled forward on my bicycle. I’m sure I fell quite a few times into the grass after he let go, but eventually I figured it out. I remember being so surprised the first time I pedaled for awhile, stopped, turned my head and discovered my dad was far behind me. I was riding fine without him right there supporting me! Being able to ride a bicycle, having the persistence and patience to keep working at something, and helping others are just a few of wonderful things my father has taught me. I am so grateful that I had a thoughtful and involved father as a child. And as an adult, I’ve only grown even more appreciative.

– One fortunate daughter

Maryn | Tribute to Fathers

How was your Father’s Day? Knowing that many of you miss your own fathers, I was especially grateful for the opportunity to have my own father in town and be able to go out to lunch with him. I hope Father’s Day was a memorable one for you.

My own effort in honoring the importance of fathers this year is through a series of posts titled “Tribute to Fathers”. I have invited some fathers to share fatherhood wisdom and stories with you this week. This is the second article in the series.

I would like to introduce you to Maryn and her father. Her father has a strong association with basketball, so we incorporated one of his basketballs into one of my all-time favorite newborn images. While you cannot see in this image, she was being safely supported on that basketball by her father’s hands. His assistance was key in getting such a beautiful, special photograph.

Newborn baby girl on basketball photograph
My favorite thing about being a father to my daughter is experiencing her unconditional love. When I arrive home after a day at work, Maryn, my daughter, becomes so excited about my being home. She will yell across the room “Dada”, point at me and hustle over to me. As I wrap my arms around Maryn and see her smile my heart just melts. Being a very curious girl, the two of us can spend a long time walking around discovering life’s mysteries. A light switch, TV remote, the iPad, just about anything captivates her tiny brain. She is growing so fast I feel the need to soak her up as I know in the blink of an eye she will be driving or getting ready to go off to college. One must really take advantage of the time you have with your child, life is simply too short not to.

– Maryn’s father

Raymond | Tribute to Fathers

Wishing a special and memorable Father’s Day to the new, the long-time, the once-again and the about-to-be fathers!

As a way of honoring your special role in caring, raising and influencing your child or children, I am hosting a series titled “Tribute to Fathers”. I have invited some fathers to share some fatherhood wisdom and stories with you this week.

Today we are going to hear from Raymond’s father. Raymond’s father (and mother) serves in the military, and so this was a special image from his session to represent the military ties in his family.

Newborn baby with father's military dog tags
This is our second child, and like with our daughter, my wife and I decided to wait until they were born to find out “what” we were getting. We ended up with a son for this second time around, and although I’m quite happy that we have one of each as it were, I was really going to be OK with either possibility. So, when friends kept commenting after the delivery of Raymond that I looked to be such a proud Papa to have a son, I thought, it’s cool and all, and he’s healthy and “cute”, our daughter at nearly four is such a hoot. At this point I’m most looking forward to him becoming the little dynamic person that our daughter already is.

– Raymond’s father

Leah is one! | Austin cake smash photographer

Leah is one!

For her first birthday, Leah was treated to a cake smash photography session with her very own little cake. This adorable daisy cake was made for her by a talented friend. I love that Leah’s mom found the perfect coordinating outfit, too! I’d say Leah thoroughly enjoyed that cake!


Austin cake smash photography


Austin cake smash photographer


Austin cake smash first birthday photographer


Austin first birthday photographer - cake smash


Austin Cake Smash Storyboard


In the first storyboard image, Leah was waving her hands with excitement upon seeing the cake. eee! SO cute!