Adaleigh | Austin Baby New Year

Happy New Year!

The fireworks in Austin are booming like crazy. We are definitely making up for our quiet fireworks banned fourth of July!

I don’t really have a New Year newborn, so I’m designating baby Adaleigh to be an honorary Austin Baby New Year! Isn’t she beautiful? So fresh and new and just perfect!


Wishing you sweet dreams on 2011 and new adventures in store for 2012!


Cailyn | Tribute to Fathers

This is the final entry in the Tribute to Fathers series. I hope you have enjoyed seeing this tribute to fathers and the relationships they have with their children.

For this post, I decided to go back a couple of years to showcase photographs of Cailyn as a one day old newborn in the hospital and as a one year old birthday girl in the arms of her father, with lots of birthday chocolate frosting on her hands. Yum!


One day old baby | Austin birth photographer


One year old's handprint on father's t-shirt | Austin child photographer


My children are growing up too fast. I tell myself no matter what their state is now (happy, crying, or awake at 3am) I’m going to embrace it and enjoy it for what I can.  When my daughter Cailyn says “I love you so much daddy”,  I do not need another thing in this world.

– Cailyn and Andrew’s father


Morgan | Tribute to Fathers

We’re still honoring fathers and their important role in parenthood with the Tribute to Father series. This is the seventh post in the series.

It may have been a bit too subtle to notice, but a number of the fathers participating in this series are airplane pilots. If you missed that, I encourage you to go back and discover the clues in the earlier features. I don’t think anyone is going to miss it today, though! Morgan and her father are here to show you one of my favorite newborn photographs and share a little about how it is to be a pilot and a father. I also had to include another photo of Morgan and her father when she was past the newborn stage. I didn’t take the photograph, but I felt it spoke so well to this story that it ought to be featured, too!


Austin newborn photography of a baby in an airplane pilot hat
I never knew how much love my heart was capable of giving until the day my daughter was born. The moment that I saw her, I was instantly hooked. I was overwhelmed with joy and pride that continues to this day. Watching her grow and take in the world has been such an amazing and rewarding experience. Becoming a Dad is the best decision that I’ve made in my life.

As a pilot, the most difficult thing for me is when I have to leave Morgan behind when I leave to go to work. There are days that I wish she could still fit in my hat so I could take her with me on my trips. On the flip side, the most rewarding thing is to come back home and see her smile from ear to ear and run to me when she sees me. Those moments that we share in between flights are priceless. I cannot wait for the day that she asks me to teach her how to fly a plane…

– Morgan’s father

Frank | Tribute to Fathers

Frank and his father are today’s guests for the Tribute to Fathers series on posts about fathers and their children.

This photograph is another one that connects a brand new baby with his or her father. This antique dresser has been in the family for at least as far back as Frank’s great (great?) grandmother. One of the drawers was even once used as a sleeping place for a newborn in the family. While Frank has his own modern crib, his parents felt it would be meaningful to show his connection to his family’s history while snuggled in one of the drawers.


Baby photo of infant in a drawer


– What is your favorite thing about being a father?
My favorite thing about being a father is the look in the kiddo’s eyes when you come home from work or they first see you in the morning.. When they are in a good mood that is :)

– What wish or dream do you have for your son?
I wish for my kids to have opportunity to be happy and successful.

– What experiences are you looking forward to sharing with your son?
I’m looking forward to going flying, hunting, fishing, racing.. Exploring.

– Tell me about your son.
Frank the Tank. He’s HUGE now. Has an awesome smile and laugh.

– What do you love most about your son?
I love most is watching him snuggle with Mom.

– What advice would you give to other fathers? What is something that you have learned from your son?
Advice and what I am still learning is patience.

– Frank’s father

Amelia | Tribute to Fathers

Photograph of two year old in an Austin field


“Goodnight, Daddy, see you in the morning,” Amelia will often tell me as she pecks each one of my cheeks with her tender and slightly wet kisses. It doesn’t matter whether it’s two in the afternoon and I’m running to the store to get groceries or whether she’s going down to sleep, this sing-song expression is classic Amelia. “Love you!” she quickly adds as I open the door to leave. We’ll go back-and-forth with this as I head down the stairs until we can’t hear each other’s “Love you’s” anymore. With a large grin on my face, I close my eyes, shake my head and melt. These are great times.

– Amelia’s father


Photograph of family in an Austin field